World Bank Jobs. Application Requirements and Process

world bank jobs

World Bank is a non-commercial organization that cooperates with the UN and aims to support financially and technically the developing countries. World Bank jobs offer great career opportunities for brilliant and ambitious specialists that can work effectively to pursue the organization’s’ goals.

Why Should You Consider World Bank Jobs?

As a global organization, the World Bank has to provide competitive working conditions that apply the best skills of every employer. Thousands of applicants try to get a job in WBG because it offers unique benefits. The most important are:

  • a socially useful job that decreases poverty and hunger around the world;
  • global impact on world politics that makes a difference;
  • great investment into every employee’s future career;
  • work in a diverse team that highly values individual contribution to the common goal;
  • practice in developing leadership and teamwork skills.

Many specialists consider a job in the World Bank as a top of career achievements because every financial institution would like to work with a professional, who has WBG work experience. Intern and advisor positions also open doors to many high-rated financial jobs.

world bank jobs

What Is Required to Get a Job in the World Bank

World Bank emphasizes that highly qualified specialists are always in demand. The organization tends to hire employees from various countries and ethnicities. WBG headquarters is located in Washington, yet it has departments in more than 100 countries. Both international and local offices have high recruitment standards. The requirements for each position may differ, yet there are some general demands for all applicants:

  • University degree in the financial area;
  • English proficiency;
  • positive recommendations;
  • no criminal record;
  • work experience in the specialty (if you apply for international positions, you need to have work experience on international posts).

How to Apply for a Job in WBG

You can check job openings on the World Bank official website in the section “Current Openings.” The filters allow you to choose the location and job family. Yet, before you apply, create a profile on the site. As a rule, the application creating takes up to 30 minutes. Yet, you have 2 hours to complete it before the system disconnects you.

The organization notifies that the HR team cannot view and reply to every application due to large amounts of requests.  As well, WBG doesn’t provide status updates on every claim on World Bank Jobs. If your application has been reviewed, the status will change. The possible information you can see is the following:

  • applied (it means that your request has been accepted);
  • long list (your application is reviewed among many other forms);
  • short list (your candidacy is thoroughly considered);
  • interview (you are or will be invited for a job interview in World Bank);
  • not selected (the application failed).

Before the vacancy is closed, your status may be “not selected;” yet, it may change later.

If you are a young specialist or graduate, consider programs and internships, which you also may find on site. It can be a good start to a career in WBG or an excellent experience that makes your CV stands out.

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