UN Jobs in Ethiopia Side by Side With the Best Professionals

un jobs in ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the countries that receive diverse support from the United Nations. UN has a global mission, which reduces the level of poverty and hunger in Ethiopia, supports human rights, and protect the natural environment. The organization provides development and humanitarian help. Thus, many international professionals are needed for UN jobs in Ethiopia to work and contribute to steady development and human well-being in the country.

What Are UN Tasks Within the Mission in Ethiopia

Prevent Starvation

A great part of the Ethiopian population depends on weather conditions, which influence harvest. In the case of cataclysms or adverse conditions, about 9 million people risk remaining with no food. Thus, one of the most important UN tasks in Ethiopia is to improve the adaptation of agriculture towards climate and modernize agricultural machinery.

Ensure Gender Equality

The United Nations monitors gender balance in Ethiopia, makes analysis, supports, and contributes to gender equality. According to the UN plan, women in Ethiopia are to be able to get quality education and decent pay. Besides, the UN fights against violence and discrimination against women.

Support Industrial Development

United Nations promotes industrial development in Ethiopia by supporting the industry and the service sector. Besides, the organization benefits women’s professional realization and employment of vulnerable segments of the population. UN also contributes to small business development by attracting the necessary resources.

These are not the only tasks of the United Nations in Ethiopia, yet they are the most important. To ensure effective accomplishment, the UN involves the best specialists who are ready to go to Ethiopia and work devotedly for the good of the country.

un jobs in ethiopia

What Is the Personal Benefit of UN Jobs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the country with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. You will see things improving rapidly, and work in the UN can show how professionals make it happen. You may find how to apply the gained knowledge in different positions with demanding responsibilities. Given that the organization recruits the best professionals for UN jobs in Ethiopia, you have a chance to work side by side in a diverse working environment with experts in their field. Thus, you’ll be able to share experience and learn from them.

How to Get a UN Job in Ethiopia

The specifics of employment in Ethiopia varies on whether you are an Ethiopian national or if you are a foreign applicant. International recruitment requires a high level of professionalism, skills, and experience. Make sure that you meet the ethical requirements of the UN, e.g. respect for diversity.

Register on inspira. un.org. This website contains candidates’ profiles, which have all the information required for applicants to get a job in the UN. That’s why the official name for them is Personal History Profile. You’ll have to provide some information and describe your professional experience.

Application for the jobs requires a cover letter. When writing it, mention your aspiration to work in Ethiopia. After the registration is completed, find job openings in Ethiopia and apply for it. The system will lead you through the application process, and if it is passed successfully, UN HR specialists will contact you with further instructions.

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