UN job New York. How to apply for it

Work at the UN is often associated with business trips, field services, and relocations. Yet, do you necessarily have to go to different countries to be a part of this organization? In fact, the United Nations has plenty of job opportunities, which differ largely, and a lot of jobs do not require relocation since they are meant to provide services only in certain locations.

Headquarters of the UN are located in New York City, and due to it, many employees are needed here. Applying for such jobs, you can get a chance to work for the most respectable organization in the world without sacrificing your homeland and usual routine.

UN job New York. How to get it?

Applying for a UN job in NY City does not differ much from applying for UN jobs in general. The process occurs on the official UN website for applicants, career.un.org. Follow the next steps to find the UN job opening in New York:

  1. Open career.un.org and scroll down until you see the form “Search Job Openings”. You can filter the vacancies by categories, networks, departments, and duty stations in this form. A duty station is a place where a job is vacant. This filter is the one you need to find vacancies in NY.
  2. Find “New York” in the drop-down list below the “Duty Station” line. If you need filters on job qualifications, apply them, too. Then, click “Search.” The system will show you all the vacancies in NY city. There will be available jobs from the Professional category, general services, and internship. Field services and National Professional Officers will remain inactive.
  3. Before you apply, create a profile at inspira.un.org. You will have to indicate your qualifications in the profile, write a cover letter, and create a job application for the required position.
  4. Return to the vacancy and click “Apply Now.”

UN job New York for professionals

UN professionals are often needed in different countries. That’s why the employees from higher categories are hired internationally the same as field service. Unwillingness to move can negatively impact your career. Thus, if you apply for a professional position, try to change your mind and look on the bright side of the potential relocation. The organization fully compensates all the spendings and losses for the higher categories of employees who need to move to other countries because of job needs.

UN job New York for general services staff

NY City has a lot of UN vacancies for general services candidates since the organization needs many employees to maintain services in the headquarters. The UN provides competitive compensations and favorable working conditions to general services staff, and this is one of the reasons why the competition for these jobs is high. However, there’s no need to relocate if you just ensure the functioning of the organization.

Internship in New York

As a rule, the UN does not send interns to international missions. On the contrary, if you want to take an internship in New York, apply for the relevant UN vacancy in NY City. However, keep in mind that the organization does not cover expenses and Visa issues for interns.

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