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south sudan jobs UN

South Sudan is a new country, which has a lot of issues to solve. Hence, its’ population is especially vulnerable and needs protection from other countries and authorized organizations. The United Nations delegates thousands of professionals to South Sudan every year to support the country. That’s why there are always open vacancies for South Sudan jobs UN. If you are interested, read this article to learn more.

Why Work in South Sudan?

Most of the vacancies offer humanitarian workers jobs. Due to political instability, It’s hard for the country to reach a significant level of development. About 85% of the South Sudan population lives in extreme poverty conditions, which means that they lack food, home, and medical treatment. Half of these people require urgent humanitarian help. Thus, if you want to make a real difference in the improvement of human lives and contribute to the neediest people’s well-being, consider applying for South Sudan jobs UN.

south sudan jobs UN

What is UN mission in South Sudan?

UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) aims to protect civilians, provide and support peace, and deliver humanitarian help. The mission has four fundamental elements:

  • Protecting civilians in conflict-affected areas;
  • Supporting delivery of humanitarian help;
  • Contributing to the peace process;
  • Monitoring violations of international human rights.

Besides, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) also holds activity in South Sudan, helping the country to develop infrastructure and supporting vulnerable groups of people.

How to apply for South Sudan jobs UN

UN requires employees in South Sudan from both local and international applicants. The candidates can apply for open positions on the official UN website with vacancies, To be able to apply for a job in South Sudan, you’ll have to register as a user. UN has a separate repository of the candidates’ profiles on You will be automatically redirected to the site after clicking the “Login” tab.

  1. Create a profile.

The profile creation will require some personal and professional information about you. Given that the UN recruitment system differs from the traditional HR process, you won’t need a CV. Your profile serves as your resume; hence, provide detailed information.

  1. Use your cover letter to indicate that you want to work in South Sudan.

Application for open positions requires a cover letter. You should use it to add information that you want to apply for South SUDAN ROPe (n Recruitment Outreach Programme).

  1. When choosing “Mission Preference,” tick UNMISS.

After you choose UNMISS, the website will show you job opportunities. Check them and choose the one, which requires your skills.

Special Requirements

There’s a high probability that your UN job in South Sudan will be stressful. It requires good organizational and leadership skills. Besides, the UN strictly chooses only those specialists who respect diversity and have well-developed professional and interpersonal skills. It may be required to work in a hazardous environment in South Sudan, so the applicants are to be psychologically stable and healthy physically. If you think that you can take this challenge, go for it. You’ll enrich your background and gain unique knowledge, which will be out of competition in the job market.

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