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human rights watch jobs

Being a part of the Human Rights Watch organization means having a competitive job, playing a part in protecting vulnerable groups of people, and contributing to worldwide peace. HRW investigates human rights violations and promotes tolerance, justice, and equality. If you want to support HRW values with your actions, check Human Rights Watch Jobs and apply.

Why Join Human Rights Watch

Besides the noble mission to support peace and justice around the world, talented professionals are also attracted to HRW with an opportunity of career growths and job compensation. Being an international organization, HRW provides employees with competitive salaries on the global level. The noble job must be paid decently. Besides, the HRW provides employees and their families with health insurance. Time-off work is not encouraged in Human Rights Watch; yet, when such need occurs, the employees get significant compensation.

Experience exchange and professional development are strongly encouraged. Thus, HRW provides an opportunity for employees to participate in various training and programs.

human rights watch jobs

What is required to apply for Human Rights Watch Jobs

Open HRW positions have different requirements, so you are to check the specific qualification demands to find out if you can apply for a particular job.

Your chance is good if:

  • you have a relevant university degree;
  • you have several years of relevant experience;
  • your previous job responsibilities are diverse and related to human rights;
  • you participated in volunteer programs;
  • you are fluent in English and language of the country where you’d like to work;
  • you have strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

There’s a chance you can get an administrative role even without relevant work experience. Yet, the professional category requires strong skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out job duties. The most appreciated applicants have passed an internship in global organizations, have practiced field service, and volunteering in the human rights area.

How application for HRW jobs occurs

Applying for a job

First of all, you should check the vacancies to see if positions that interest you are available. Besides, you need to review if your skills, knowledge and personal qualities fit the job requirements. You can find the list of vacancies on the Human Rights Watch official website for job applicants,

To apply to a job opening, candidates need to have a quality resume with detailed information on previous job duties, education, volunteering, activism, etc. Besides, some positions require an unedited writing sample, which shows your writing style and proves that you can express yourself clearly and laconic.

Staff Recruitment

After you have applied for a job, your request will be added to the repository with other applications. Recruitment staff will further check them to select the most relevant candidates. The second stage of selection is remoted interview via phone or video call. The applicants who have passed it successfully will be interviewed in person. HR specialists may also conduct candidates’ professional testing and check job references.

If you are not qualified enough to apply for Human Rights Watch jobs, check the internship, fellowship, and young specialist programs. It can make a significant contribution to your professionalism and experience to build a successful career.

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