How to Get a Job in the United Nations

Get a job at UN

If you want your work to be more than money earning but also a contribution to something good, big, and noticeable, you should consider employment in the United Nations organization. Job in the UN opens huge opportunities to enrich your background, interact with different cultures, and significantly raise your value on the labor market.

It is only a stereotype that an applicant should be an extraordinary experienced and gifted specialist to get a job in the UN. Very few people are confident and ambitious enough to apply for it; thus, a lot of promising professionals lose the chance without even trying. Don’t repeat this mistake and at least give it a try.

How to apply for a job in the UN

1. Decide in which area you’d like to work and check available vacancies on the website

The form “Search Job Openings” will direct you and help sort out the vacancies. For that, choose the appropriate options from the drop-down lists.

2. Choose the openings and check the requirements

In general, the basic qualifications for applying to the UN are the following:

  • Fluency in English or French language;
  • Bachelor’s or higher university degree, which corresponds to the chosen position;
  • At least 2 years of the relevant work experience.

Knowledge of other languages, professional and educational achievements can be a big advantage.

3. Create an account and job applications

The first step in the UN career is to create your profile and a cover letter on the website Even if you haven’t found any suitable position, you should register to achieve notifications about new vacancies. After you have your profile ready, create one or several job applications.

Please note that no CVs are needed unless it is mentioned for a particular job. The cover letter has to be written directly on the website.

4. Apply for the desired position

Choose a vacancy and click “Add job to Application”. You may receive a set of questions to answer and a self-assessment list to check if your qualification fits the chosen role. When all is done, click “Submit.” Considering these answers, profile information and cover letters, the organization selects the candidates for the next competing stage. 

5. Be ready for feedback

If your experience and skills are good for the position, you will have to pass a knowledge examination. In case of success, UN representatives will invite you to an interview via phone, video connection, or in-person. If you fail at any stage, you will also receive notification about that. 

The organization encourages never to despair because the right job may be about to appear on the website. If you are getting a Master’s degree or just have graduated and have no job experience, consider UN internship, volunteering, or Young Professionals Programme. Any of these three options is a much easier and less competing way to get into the organization. From such a start, you can have a probable chance to find a job in the UN even without work experience. Be persistent and hardworking, and you will definitely succeed.

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