How to Calculate Salary You Can Have in the UN

UN salary calculator

UN organization not only contributes to the world’s wellbeing and order, but it also takes care of its’ employees and helps them get a great experience. Yet, how much you can earn working there? There is a real and easy way to find it out. Salary for each category of employees is affected by several factors and considering them, you can calculate the compensation with a special tool, available to everyone.

What Salary in the UN Depends on?

Job Category

UN requires help from the greatest diplomatists and other professionals, and besides that, it also needs staff members that maintain the organization in operating condition. Higher job category calls for well-experienced people with considerable achievements and high qualifications. Their compensation is determined by a worldwide salary scale; as well, it includes various benefits. General service employees are hired locally and receive a competitive salary typical for their position.

Duty Station

The professionals receive a base salary, which is adjusted to the local cost of living in the country where they work. The same adjustment applies to the field service since these employees have missions in different countries. The staff that provides services to the organization are not hired internationally, thus their earnings will be defined by the local salary rate.

Insurance, Type of Contract, Dependants, etc.

There are secondary factors considered by the organization. High category employees get compensation for dependants, rental subsidy if they move to another country due to job responsibilities, and education grants if their children attend school. Professionals and field service get additional compensation in case they work in conditions that are difficult, stressful and potentially dangerous. Of course, the organization covers all the travel expenses and extraordinary costs associated with relocation.

If you want to calculate how much you can get in the United Nation, you should try the UN salary estimator, a convenient tool that considers all the influences on the compensation size. Besides the potential salary, you also will be able to see benefits and deductions.

How to Calculate UN Salary?

  1. Go to website. You will find the links leading to calculators that estimate salaries and compensations for a rental subsidy, separation, and education grant.
  2. After you have opened a link for local or international positions, fill in the form by choosing appropriate options from the drop-down lists. The form for international posts is slightly extended. You will have to indicate:
  3. Type of contract;
  4. Duty station;
  5. Grade and step of the position;
  6. Spouse and children;
  7. Allowances;
  8. Assignments (for international posts);
  9. Number of years in duty station and in UN (for international posts);
  10. Insurances.

After all the information is provided, you will see that the form automatically calculated the salary, allowances, and grants in the blue part from the right side. What’s important, earnings that you get in the UN are not subject to the income tax.

If you’d like to learn more about influences on UN salary, visit

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