How to Apply for UN Volunteer Job

The contribution to the world’s peace and wellbeing will always require as much help as possible. If you are going to provide it through the UN organization, you’ll get many benefits that can have a decisive impact on your future. Having a UN volunteer job, you will exchange a valuable experience with people and grow mentally. This practice can be a great bonus to your resume or even the start of a career in the UN.

What do you need to get a UN volunteer job?

You can volunteer for missions abroad or in your native country, and depending on this, there are different requirements.

International volunteer requirements:

  • 25 or more years old;
  • university degree;
  • 2 or more years of work experience;
  • fluency in English, French or Spanish.

Local volunteer requirements:

  • 18 or more years old;
  • university degree (some posts may require only secondary education completion);
  • fluency in the local language;
  • 2 or more years of work experience (some posts may require only knowledge in the requested field).

How to apply for a UN volunteer job?

  1. Open UNV Global Talent Pool.
  2. Below “Values and Commitments,” fill in the form with general information and email address. Besides English, you have options to create your profile in French or Spanish. Yet, if you are fluent in all of these languages, choose English because it will broaden the areas where you can be chosen to work.
  3. Check your mailbox and confirm the registration via email received from the organization.
  4. After the registration is confirmed, you’ll receive another email with the link to your profile. Follow the link.
  5. You will find a form where it is necessary to enter information about your qualifications. It is important to provide as many details as possible because the organization will use it as the only source of information about you. After you’ve filled in the form, click the “Submit My Profile” button.
  6. If everything is done correctly, the system will send you an email with a registration number.
  7. Apply for a volunteer job on

You will be able to update the information in your profile later. Make sure you log in to the system at least once a year, otherwise, your account will be automatically inactivated. The recruitment period for a certain post may last from 1 to 3 months or even longer.

Before you are selected and approved for a role, the UN representative will contact you to make sure you are still interested and agree on the terms, and then, you will be added to the final list of the candidates. After, you may receive an invitation for an interview where the recruitment specialists will check your skills and readiness for the appointment.

If you haven’t managed to get a volunteer role in the UN, don’t get upset, because you can try yourself in other volunteering programs. It will give you the same unforgettable experience but probably less stress then UN missions. What’s the most important, the UN will consider it a beneficial factor when you apply for volunteering again in the future.

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