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South Sudan Jobs UN Within a Global Mission

South Sudan is a new country, which has a lot of issues to solve. Hence, its’ population is especially vulnerable and needs protection from other countries and authorized organizations. The United Nations delegates thousands of professionals to South Sudan every year to support the country. […]
Posted on 4 months ago
human rights watch jobs

Human Rights Watch Jobs. Apply Today

Being a part of the Human Rights Watch organization means having a competitive job, playing a part in protecting vulnerable groups of people, and contributing to worldwide peace. HRW investigates human rights violations and promotes tolerance, justice, and equality. If you want to support HRW […]
Posted on 4 months ago
world bank jobs

World Bank Jobs. Application Requirements and Process

World Bank is a non-commercial organization that cooperates with the UN and aims to support financially and technically the developing countries. World Bank jobs offer great career opportunities for brilliant and ambitious specialists that can work effectively to pursue the organization’s’ goals. Why Should You […]
Posted on 4 months ago
un jobs in ethiopia

UN Jobs in Ethiopia Side by Side With the Best Professionals

Ethiopia is one of the countries that receive diverse support from the United Nations. UN has a global mission, which reduces the level of poverty and hunger in Ethiopia, supports human rights, and protect the natural environment. The organization provides development and humanitarian help. Thus, […]
Posted on 4 months ago